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D E Shaw Interview Experience | Set 15 (On-Campus)

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  • Round 1: Written (pen & paper) :
    Paper 1: 20 Ques on Aptitude, hard to crack in time constraint (20 mints) – DIFFICULT to MODERATE
    Paper 2: 20 Ques on Programming Language (C,C++,Java) and on core CS (OS, DBMS, CN, DSA) (20 minutes) – MODERATE to EASY
    No coding round.

    One should focus on the number of correct ques rather than increasing overall attempt,
    Shortlisted 14 students out of 100.

  • Round 2: F2F Technical (45 minutes) :
    Started by asking how was the test? How was your day today?
    Made me comfortable.

    1. Given an array consisting of both positive as well as negative numbers, find the max sum contiguous subarray.
    2. Stream of numbers is coming, at any point, you need to return the top 20 elements from the elements received so far. Which data structure will you choose?
    3. Implement Queue using Stacks.
    4. Discussion on applications of various data structures.
    5. Design problem using OOP
    6. Discussion on steps for executing source code.
  • Round 3: F2F HR (30 minutes):
    1. Meaning of your name?
    2. Gave topic on which I need to write for 5 mints.
    3. Asked me about my scholastic achievements.
    4. What happens when you enter the URL?
    5. Guesstimate
    6. Difference between scripting and programming language?
    7. What makes Linux different from Windows.
  • Round 4: F2F HR (30 minutes):
    1. Do you know this pointer, when to use virtual functions, what are constant functions?
    2. What are Lattices in reference to C++?
    3. Which all the languages you know?
    4. Discussion on DBMS concepts
    5. Which is your dream company?
    6. Ques on general awareness.
  • Round 5: F2F Technical (45 minutes):
    Ice breaker followed by these questions-

    1. Standard Puzzles
    2. Given some order of digits in a string, return a number which is just bigger than the present number in the string using same digits.
      Asked to calculate the time complexity and to further optimize it.

    3. Given a matrix with entries 0 and X, change X’s to 0 if you find X cluster surrounded by 0’s from all sides, return the updated matrix.
    4. Discussion on different DS and sorting algorithms.
    5. Asked to write SQL query for the given situation.
    6. Design problem
    7. Fundamental questions on CN.

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Last Updated : 30 May, 2019
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