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D E Shaw Interview Experience | Set 14 (On-Campus)

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  • Ist round consisted of 3 sections–>
    • Technical Aptitude(30 mins)
    • One coding question(20 mins).

    12 were shortlisted for the next round.

  • 1st round( F2F Technical):
    • Tell me something about yourself.
    • A lengthy discussion on my summer project(and some questionnaire on that)
    • What is virtual memory and real memory in Windows OS?
    • Proc file-system in Linux.
    • Why do we use & in scanf and not in printf?
    • Some queries in SQL like Find top n rankers in the class of students.
    • What is normalization? why required? Normal forms with examples?
    • Deletion, insertion and detect a loop in a linked list?
    • Function overloading concepts?
    • TCP/IP stack with the functionality of each layer.
  • 2nd round(F2F HR):
    • Tell me something about yourself.
    • Was asked to write a paragraph on a given topic.
    • Where do you want to see yourself after 5 years?
    • Why DE Shaw?
    • What is your vision?
    • Some commonplace puzzles.

    After this round 3 were shortlisted for the final round.

  • Final round(F2F technical):
    • Tell me something about yourself?
    • A coding problem similar to sum tree.
    • Implement Set class in C++.
    • What are different protocols you are aware of?
    • What are DNS,DHCP,etc.?
    • Is DNS a protocol or a service?

    Finally they selected 2 out of 3 and I was the one not selected.

  • Tips:
    Only Hard work and Practice helps.Please be thorough with the OS,DBMS,N/W.
    Luck plays its role too on interview day 🙂

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Last Updated : 30 May, 2019
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