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D.E Shaw Interview Experience for Software Engineer | Off-Campus 2020

  • Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2020

I heard about the open position through a post on LinkedIn and then applied on the career site.

I received an online-test link within a few days. The online test was begin conducted on Hacker Rank and had 2 coding problems – 90 mins, 10 Technical MCQ – 20 mins and 10 Aptitude MCQ –  20 mins.

I cleared the online test and was further instructed that I will be having a code-pair round on HackerRank, where a technical member will be conducting my interview.

Code-Pair Round – 

The interviewer asked me to introduce my self and then started asked technical questions. The questions asked were – 

  1. Difference between static variables and global variable along with memory allocation.
  2. Explain Polymorphism. Both Static and Dynamic.
  3. Write a class and function that can return the count of all the instances of a class that are created on the heap memory
  4. Different types of function overloading.
  5. Coding Problem – Find the first missing positive integer from a list of negative and positive integers.
  6. What is the difference between a process and a thread.
  7. What are the necessary conditions for Deadlock.
  8. Deadlock Avoidance and prevention techniques.
  9. What is Thrashing ? Why does it occur ? What is the CPU doing during Thrashing?
  10. Write an SQL Query for finding information of the employee having 2nd highest salary
  11. Coding Problem –

Unfortunately i could not clear the code-pair round but i was a good experience.

All the best.

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