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Cyware Labs Interview Experience for SDE-1 | Off-Campus 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 09 May, 2021

Cyware Labs is a product-based Cyber Security startup based in the US with its Indian head office in Bangalore.

I applied through an employee at Cyware and received an invite for an Interview in a week.

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The interview process had 4 rounds (3 Technical and 1 HR)

Round 1: This Round was a basic technical screening Round for around an hour. 

  • After a basic Introduction and resume go through, the interviewer asked me some questions based on my previous internships, like the tech used, difficulties faced, the concept of Vectorization which I had implemented in one of the projects, etc. 
  • He then asked some differences between internal data Structures in Python, Java, and C++, their time complexities, and their exact use case. Since I had prior ML experience as well, the discussion went to the working of Decision Trees, Gini Index, and Information Gain and the type of variables in Machine Learning with some examples. 
  • The round concluded with a medium problem on Graphs to find all the unique sized components which have connected 1s in 4 directions(BFS) of 2D matrix which had to pass all the corner cases like the same connected component size.

Round 2: This Round was a DSA based problem solving which had 2 questions to be solved on a shared link in 45 mins.

  • The first question was to convert the given Bst to heap and finding the mirror of that heap with and without recursion.
  • The second was finding the running median in a stream of integers with the optimal time and space complexities.

Round 3: This Round involved some discussion on Network Security based project, I had worked on and about common Networking attacks like Smurf, spoofing, DoS.

  • The interviewer then gave me the introduction to the team for which the hiring process was going on and a brief on the end-to-end cybersecurity product life cycle the team was working on. 
  • Finally, he asked me to implement an LFU and LRU cache.

Round 4: This was a completely non-technical Round that had some discussions on prior internship experiences, college life, and finally salary expectations and some standard HR questions.

  • Overall the process was very smooth and all rounds were completed within a week even during the second wave of the pandemic.

Verdict: Selected 

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