CyberInc Interview Experience

Round 1: Online Test (52 minutes)

It had three sections: C++ MCQs, Programming, and Object Oriented Design.

  • C++ MCQs had predict-the-output like questions
  • Programming had one question: Given N boxes and M containers, put boxes in containers in the following order: ith box is first checked in ith container, if it fits, then that container is occupied, else search the next container (on right) until either a suitable container is found or there are no more containers on the right. Output the last box number which was filled in a container. (I made a silly mistake here which I later realized after submitting the test)
  • Object Oriented Design – this one had some weird MCQ questions which I had never heard or seen like Object Query Language, MCQs on objects, etc.

I got rejection mail after 2-3 days.

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