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CV vs Resume: What’s the Difference?

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2022
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CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, Curriculum Vitae is a written document that contains details about a person’s past education, experience, knowledge, skill, competencies, accomplishments, projects, awards, honors, etc.

A CV is a detailed document highlighting your professional and academic history. CVs typically include information like work experience, achievements and awards, scholarships or grants you’ve earned, coursework, research projects, and publications of your work. You may be asked to submit a CV when applying for jobs in academia or jobs outside India.

Advantages of CV

  • Increase your Self-Confidence.
  • Standout Among Other Applicants.
  • Great impression on the recruiter.
  • Saves your time at the beginning of your job search.

Disadvantages Of CV

  • CVs are not always accurate.
  • CVs don’t show potential.
  • CVs are inefficient.
  • CVs are time-consuming.

Resume is a short and brief description of, what a person possesses in context to the respective job like qualifications, previous job experiences, achievements, competencies, and skills. It is in the form of a document that is required at the time of applying for business, government, and industry jobs. It is a snapshot of an individual’s professional profile.

A Resume is a professional and a brief description of you and your skills. Your resume plays an important role in placement (on-campus/off-campus both). So, it is very important to build a suitable and good resume in order to get noticed and shortlisted by the recruiters.

Advantages Of Resume

  • Personalized to company and position.
  • Highlight the most relevant skills and accomplishments.
  • Showcases skill growth and responsibility.
  • Emphasizes skills over employment, and organizes varied experience.

Disadvantages of Resume

  • Requires more effort and creativity to prepare.
  • Confusing if not well-organized.
  • Must be revised for each employer.

Following is a table of differences between CV and Resume

S.NOParameterCurriculum Vitae (CV)Resume
1.MeaningA document containing information related to an individual’s past qualification, experience, skills, competencies, and achievements is known as a CV or Curriculum VitaeA Resume is a document having details of an individual’s education, work experience, competencies, and previous job achievements.
2.Type of DocumentComprehensive.Concise.
3.Length2 to 20 or more pages.1 to 2 pages.
4.References IncludeNot Include.
5.ModificationNo, It is the same for all jobs.Yes, It can be modified according to jobs.
6.EducationAt the top of the CV.Mentioned after the experience.
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