CSS | will-change property

The will-change property is the replacement of animation in few cases, all the animation will look so jumpy a few times when the page took time to load. But in the case of will-change, those animated things will perform smoothly.


will-change: auto | <animateable-feature>#

Property values:

  • auto: Here the developer should apply whatever heuristics and optimizations it normally does.
  • <animateable-feature>: Here the developer can define what kind of animation developer want to show.

Example: This example illustrates the will-change property.





<!DOCTYPE html> 
        CSS | will-change property 
        h1 { 
            color: green; 
            will-change: transform;
            transition: 1s;
        .left:hover { 
            transform: rotateX(45deg); 
        <h4>CSS | will-change property</h4
            <img class="left" src
                alt="Sample image"
            <img class="right" src
                alt="Sample image"



Supported Browsers: The browsers supported by CSS will-change property are listed below:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

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