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CSS | nav-up property
  • Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2019

The CSS nav-up property is use to navigate through navigation key from keyboard. This property defines where to focus when the user is navigating by using navigation key. The nav-up can be used with the nav-right, nav-down and nav-left property.


 nav-up: auto | id | target-name | initial | inherit;


  • auto: It is the by default value here the browsers define which element to navigate.
  • <id>: It defines the id to navigate.
  • <target-name>: It defines the target to navigate.
  • initial: It is default value.
  • inherit: It inherit from its parent element.

Note: Only Opera 12.0 is supported by this property.
Below example illustrate the property:


<!DOCTYPE html> 
    <title>CSS nav-up Property</title
    <link rel="stylesheet" href
        button { 
            position: absolute; 
        h1 { 
            color: green; 
        button { 
            background-color: #80ff80; 
            nav-right: auto; 
            nav-left: auto; 
            nav-down: auto; 
            nav-up: auto; 
            border-radius: 25px; 
            font-size: 20px; 
        #Geeks1 { 
            top: 35%; 
            left: 43%; 
            nav-index: 1; 
        #Geeks2 { 
            top: 50%; 
            left: 65%; 
            nav-index: 2; 
        #Geeks3 { 
            top: 65%; 
            left: 43%; 
            nav-index: 3; 
        #Geeks4 { 
            top: 50%; 
            left: 20%; 
            nav-index: 4; 
        <h4>CSS nav-up Property</h4
            Press the <samp>Shift</samp
        key while navigating with the arrow keys. 
    <button id="Geeks1">Button 
    <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-up"></i
    <button id="Geeks2">Button 
    <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-right"></i
    <button id="Geeks3">Button 
    <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-down"></i
    <button id="Geeks4"
    <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-left"></i


Supported Browsers: The major browsers are not supported by CSS nav-up property

Browsers Specific Extension: The css nav-up perperty has browsers specific extension.

  • Google Chrome -webkit-
  • Internet Explorer -ms-
  • Firefox -moz-
  • Safari -webkit-
  • Opera -webkit-

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