Credit Suisse Interview for Technology Analyst

1) Shortlisting based on aggregate.
2) Aptitude test hosted on hackerearth. 20 mcqs ( C and quantitative questions ) had negative marking (+1 / -1).
3) A score of 10 was a safe score. Shortlisted candidates were called to their office for interview.
I attempted 14 questions of 20. Questions are difficult and tricky, attempt only if very sure.
4) Three to four rounds (all are elimination rounds, even after final round there was elimination)
i) Technical round
ii) Technical round (is optional, if you perform well in the first tech round second tech round is skipped )
iii) Techno HR
iv) HR

Technical round questions :
i) AVL tree (code)
ii) difference between structure and array
iii) difference between structure and object
iv) inheritance
v) some basic codes to write on patterns, anagram etc
vi) dynamic loading
vii) threads and processes
viii) reverse a linked list
ix) critical section
x) implementation of some real time systems

Some other questions:
i) Why Credit Suisse?
ii) MS plans?
iii) revenue of Credit Suisse?
iv) Are you flexible to relocate?
v) How was you experience throughout the placement procedure in college ?
vi) How many companies did you appear for ?

Questions on the entire resume are asked. Be thorough with the resume.
Communication skills closely observed. Be honest throughout.


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