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Credit Suisse Interview for Technical Analyst through Global Coding Challenge

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 18 Feb, 2020

Got a hiring opportunity for Technical Analyst post by participating in the Global coding Challenge 2019-20 organized by Credit Suisse.
1. Interview round through hirevue
There were a total of five questions. I had 30 seconds for preparation after a question is displayed and then 3 minutes to record your answer using your webcam. We can have breaks between any questions re-login and answer after some time, just finish all questions before the deadline.

  1. Why do you want to join a finance company
  2. Difference between pass by value and pass by reference.
  3. Different normal forms
  4. Difference between Thread and process.

2. Technical round(Telephonic Interview)
Some of the questions were asked to my friend so I have added them also.

  • Interviewer runs through the CV and then “Tell me about yourself and your project”.
  • Have you done any projects on Java?
  • How was the Competition, how where the questions?
  • Are you ever in a position where you work in a team and there is a person who doesn’t do much work? What was your role in a team and what was your impact?
  • Have you come across a situation where you had an assignment and something changed in the last minute, what you did?
  • What do you aspire to become?
  • How do you approach to solve a problem?
  • What is an immutable object in Java?
  • What is the difference between array, set, and an ArrayList in java?
  • What happens when an exception/error occurs in our program?
  • Can you have a return statement in a try or catch block?
  • Difference between LinkedList and ArrayList?
  • If You were gonna write a program where you will use  LinkedList or ArrayList?If there are many manipulations which one should you use?
  • In data structure have you come across Typecasting? Two types comparable a= 20 and int b=30 how do you add these two? I didn’t know about comparable so he told let’s change it to object now how will you add it, upcast or downcast?

3. Discussion with a director (Telephonic Interview)

  • You are already placed in the company ‘X’ then why you want to join Credit Suisse?
  • How do you manage conflict in your day to day life? An example
  • What do you think is more important as an individual or a team?
  • A situation when you went beyond, to do a task?
  • Do you want to go for further studies?
  • Are you okay to relocate to Bangalore, Pune or Mumbai?

4. HR round(Telephonic Interview)

  • How were the coding challenge and technical interview?
  • Are you okay to relocate to Bangalore, Pune or Mumbai? Company will decide the location.
  • Tell me about your family.
  • Tell me about a situation when you were a leader or worked in a project together?
  • Let’s say you are working in a team of 5 and a member of your team is a childhood friend of yours. He did a mistake which will lead to a huge loss to the company which might end up your friend losing your job. You are the 1st person to find out the mistake what will you do?
  • If your friend tells you to do a transaction on your behalf will you do?
  • You are already placed in the company then why you want to join Credit Suisse?

After a few days, I got an email that I am selected for the post.

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