CredAble Interview Experience for Java Intern

Round 1: Resume and GPA shortlist, the CGPA should be more than 7.

Round 2:

So the interview started with Tries, how tries work ?

Where  tries can help?

If i am providing you website like,, etc and lets assume these website have some similar contents so in tries you are going to store character by character and follow the same we all know or you are going to make a node of www. different then xyz different, how to tackle this situation for space, although i was not able to make to this question but i opt for the accumulative one but the answer is to choose individual character as we cant predict whats the input maybe xyza is there then we need to create a separate node here.

Third question is to rotate an array about a particular point without using STL.

The rest question was like from where did you learn java and resume based questions.

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