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Creating First REST API with FastAPI

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FastAPI :
FastAPI is modern Web Framework . It is used for building API and is very easy to learn .

Features of FastAPI :

  • High Performance than many Web Frameworks, faster than Node.js, etc .
  • Easy to Develop API’s
  • Production Ready
  • Well Documentation to learn code fast
  • Swagger UI to form API Documentation
  • Avoid Redundancy of Code
  • Easy Testing
  • Support for GraphQL, Background Fetching, Dependency Injection


  • Install Python 3 and pip/pip3 according to your Operating System
  • Now, install fastapi using pip or pip3 :

       pip install fastapi
  • Install the uvicorn which is the Asynchronous Gateway Interface for your Server using :

      pip install uvicorn
  • Now create a file and import fastapi, also create a server

      from fastapi import FastAPI
      app = FastAPI()
  • Now, let’s add the code for sample get request as shown below :

     def read_root():
        return {"Hello": "World"}
  • Hence, the file will look like :

    from fastapi import FastAPI
    app = FastAPI()
    def first_example():
           GFG Example First Fast API Example 
       return {"GFG Example": "FastAPI"}

  • Now, start the server using

    uvicorn main:app --reload
  • Now open the browser and open http://localhost:8000/docs or
    You will be able to see the Swagger UI Home page as below :
    Swagger UI
  • Expand the “First Example” :
    Expanded Swagger UI
  • Now try to Execute the API, you will get the success status with 200 code .
    The Response will be {“GFG Example”: “FastAPI”} as shown below :
    First Example API Execution
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Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2020
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