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Creating and updating PowerPoint Presentations in Python using python – pptx

  • Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2020

python-pptx is library used to create/edit a PowerPoint (.pptx) files. This won’t work on MS office 2003 and previous versions.  We can add shapes, paragraphs, texts and slides and much more thing using this library.

Installation: Open the command prompt on your system and write given below command:

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pip install python-pptx

Let’s see some of its usage:

Example 1: Creating new PowerPoint file with title and subtitle slide.


# import Presentation class
# from pptx library
from pptx import Presentation     
# Creating presentation object
root = Presentation()
# Creating slide layout
first_slide_layout = root.slide_layouts[0
""" Ref for slide types: 
0 ->  title and subtitle
1 ->  title and content
2 ->  section header
3 ->  two content
4 ->  Comparison
5 ->  Title only 
6 ->  Blank
7 ->  Content with caption
8 ->  Pic with caption
# Creating slide object to add 
# in ppt i.e. Attaching slides 
# with Presentation i.e. ppt
slide = root.slides.add_slide(first_slide_layout)
# Adding title and subtitle in 
# slide i.e. first page of slide 
slide.shapes.title.text = " Created By python-pptx"
# We have different formats of 
# subtitles in ppts, for simple
# subtitle this method should 
# implemented, you can change
# 0 to 1 for different design
slide.placeholders[1].text = " This is 2nd way"
# Saving file"Output.pptx")


Adding title and subtitle to the powerpoint

Example 2: Adding Text-Box in PowerPoint.


# import required things
from pptx import Presentation 
from pptx.util import Inches, Pt
# Creating Object
ppt = Presentation() 
# To create blank slide layout
# We have to use 6 as an argument
# of slide_layouts  
blank_slide_layout = ppt.slide_layouts[6
# Attaching slide obj to slide
slide = ppt.slides.add_slide(blank_slide_layout)
# For adjusting the  Margins in inches 
left = top = width = height = Inches(1
# creating textBox
txBox = slide.shapes.add_textbox(left, top,
                                 width, height)
# creating textFrames
tf = txBox.text_frame
tf.text = "This is text inside a textbox"
# adding Paragraphs
p = tf.add_paragraph() 
# adding text
p.text = "This is a second paragraph that's bold and italic" 
# font 
p.font.bold = True
p.font.italic = True
p = tf.add_paragraph()
p.text = "This is a third paragraph that's big " 
p.font.size = Pt(40)
# save file'test_2.pptx')


Adding text box to the powerpoint

Example 3: PowerPoint (.pptx) file to Text (.txt) file conversion.


# import Presentation class
# from pptx library
from pptx import Presentation
# creating an object
ppt = Presentation("sample.pptx")
# open file in write mode
File_to_write_data = open("File_To_Extract_ppt.txt", "w")
# write text from powerpoint
# file into .txt file
for slide in ppt.slides: 
    for shape in slide.shapes: 
        if not shape.has_text_frame: 
        for paragraph in shape.text_frame.paragraphs: 
            for run in paragraph.runs: 
# close the file               


Example 4: Inserting image into the PowerPoint file.


from pptx import Presentation 
from pptx.util import Inches 
# Giving Image path 
img_path = 'bg_bg.png' 
# Creating an Presentation object
ppt = Presentation() 
# Selecting blank slide
blank_slide_layout = ppt.slide_layouts[6
# Attaching slide to ppt
slide = ppt.slides.add_slide(blank_slide_layout) 
# For margins
left = top = Inches(1
# adding images
pic = slide.shapes.add_picture(img_path,
                               left, top)
left = Inches(1
height = Inches(1
pic = slide.shapes.add_picture(img_path, left,
                               top, height = height)
# save file'test_4.pptx')


Adding images to the powerpoint

Example 5: Adding Charts to the PowerPoint file.


# import required classes/functions/method
from pptx import Presentation 
from import CategoryChartData 
from pptx.enum.chart import XL_CHART_TYPE 
from pptx.util import Inches
# Create presentation object
ppt = Presentation() 
# Adding slide with specific layout
slide = ppt.slides.add_slide(ppt.slide_layouts[6])
# Define chart data 
# Creating object of chart
chart_data = CategoryChartData() 
# Adding categories to chart
chart_data.categories = ['East', 'West', 'Midwest']  
# Adding series
chart_data.add_series('Series 1'
                      (int(input("Enter Value:")), 
                        int(input("Enter Value:")),
                        int(input("Enter Value:")))) 
x, y, cx, cy = Inches(2), Inches(2), Inches(6), Inches(4.5
slide.shapes.add_chart( XL_CHART_TYPE.COLUMN_CLUSTERED, x,
                       y, cx, cy, chart_data )
# Saving file'chart-Tutorial.pptx')


Adding charts to the powerpoint

Example 6: Adding tables to the PowerPoint file.


# importing
from pptx import Presentation 
from pptx.util import Inches
# create a Presentation object
ppt = Presentation() 
# Adding a blank slide in out ppt
slide = ppt.slides.add_slide(ppt.slide_layouts[6])
# Adjusting the width !  
x, y, cx, cy = Inches(2), Inches(2), Inches(4), Inches(1.5
# Adding tables
shape = slide.shapes.add_table(3, 4, x, 
                               y, cx, cy)
# Saving the file"Tabel_Tutorial.pptx")


Adding table to the powerpoint

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