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Create Linux Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure

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Virtual Machines create a software environment that mimics computer hardware. An operating system can then be installed into this environment, this OS is called “guest OS”. The operating system installed on the physical computer is called “host OS”. A Linux Virtual Machine is simply a virtual machine (VM) that is using Linux as the guest OS. A Linux virtual machine can also exist on a host server that’s running a non-Linux OS like Windows.

Creating and Deploying Linux Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure

Step 1: Log in to your Microsoft Azure account.

Step 2: Now search for Free services in the given search bar.

Azure Free Services

Azure free services


Step 3: Select the Create option under the Linux Virtual Machine section in order to create a Linux VM.

Azure Free Services

Linux Virtual Machine

Step 4: Next add the following details as per your requirement:

  • Enter the name of the virtual machine in the Virtual Machine name text box.
  • Select the nearest or most favorable region.
  • Select the image of the Linux Machine you wish to use. Here, RHEL 7.4 is used.
  • Select the available size in Linux VM (1vcpu, 1gib memory).
  • Select the authentication type as per your convenience.
  • Type the username and password
  • Select the allowed ports (SSH {22}, HTTP {80}, HTTPS {443})
  • Add tags as per your requirement

Step 5: Click on the Review + create button to start the deployment.

Azure Virtual machine Configurations

Review + Create

Step 6: After the deployment is complete, go to the virtual machine section in the newly created virtual machine in order to connect the virtual machine to your local machine.

Azure Virtual Machine Dashboard

VM menu

Step 7: Next, open the Terminal/CMD and type the following command there. Then enter the password in the prompt. Now, the Linux Virtual Machine is connected and can be easily used from the local machine.

ssh username@ip_address

Note: Replace username with the username of the virtual machine and the ip_address with the IP address of the Virtual Machine you wish to connect.

SSh of virtual machine at azure

VM connected with SSH in CMD

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Last Updated : 26 Nov, 2020
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