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Create Classes Dynamically in Python

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2020
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A class defines a collection of instance variables and methods to specify an object type. A class can be used to make as many object instances of the type of object as needed. An object is an identified entity with certain attributes (data members) and behaviours (member functions). Group of objects having similar characteristics and behaviour are the instance of the same class.

Python is a dynamic programming language and due to its flexibility Python has a significant advantage over statically typed languages. Python Code can be dynamically imported and classes can be dynamically created at run-time.

Classes can be dynamically created using the type() function in Python. The type() function is used to return the type of the object.



The above syntax returns the type of object.


# program to illustrate the use of type()
print(type("Geeks4Geeks !")) 


class 'str'
class 'int'

Creating Dynamic Classes in Python

Classes can be created dynamically using the below syntax:

type(name, bases, attributes) 

name: The user defined name of the class
bases: A list of base classes, and its type is tuple
attributes: the data members and methods contained in the class

The above Syntax returns a new type of object.


# program to create class dynamically
# constructor
def constructor(self, arg):
    self.constructor_arg = arg
# method
def displayMethod(self, arg):
# class method
def classMethod(cls, arg):
# creating class dynamically
Geeks = type("Geeks", (object, ), {
    # constructor
    "__init__": constructor,
    # data members
    "string_attribute": "Geeks 4 geeks !",
    "int_attribute": 1706256,
    # member functions
    "func_arg": displayMethod,
    "class_func": classMethod
# creating objects
obj = Geeks("constructor argument")
obj.func_arg("Geeks for Geeks")
Geeks.class_func("Class Dynamically Created !")


constructor argument
Geeks 4 geeks!
Geeks for GeeksClass Dynamically Created!

In the above program, class Geeks is dynamically created which has a constructor. The data members of Geeks are string_attribute and int_attribute and member functions of Geeks are displayMethod() and classMethod(). An object obj of class Geeks is created and all the data members are assigned and displayed, all the member functions of Geeks are also called.

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