Coviam Software Developer Internship Experience

Applied through employee referral

Round 1: I was sent a link 40 multiple choice questions were there 20 aptitude questions and rest 20 questions from java fundamentals, oops, expected output, basic data structure questions.

Round 2: It was a interview round i had to share the screen via Skype to perform coding live, questions asked were method overloading, overriding and these 2 programs

1) Program to Check if the Substring is present in the given String.

2) Program to find all pairs of elements in an integer array whose sum is equal to a given number.

Round 3: This round was also a  Skype interview more depth questions about method overloading, overriding ex- what are reference types how the output changes when reference types are changed programs asked were

1) Detect loop in a linked list.

2) Find intersection point of two linked list.

TIP:- do lot of program of array, String and data structure including Stack, Queue, Linked list be clear about basic time complexity, don’t give your interview if you don’t know data structure and all programs you have to code live in front of the interviewer and compile it.

i was rejected in last round because i was not good at data structure

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