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Coviam Interview Experience for SDE II (2.3 yr Experience)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2019
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I got a call from consultant and within a day HR scheduled my interview. Interview process at Coviam has 4 – 5 rounds.

First round (F2F)
1 : I had Java background, so he asked me New features in JAVA 8, Streams APIs etc.
2 : Questions related to projects from my resume
3 : Questions from java Collections APIs like implementation of hashmap, concurrent hashmap etc
4 : One simple algorithm question to check whether i can code or not ?

Second round (F2F – Technical)
1 : Questions related to projects from my resume. Questions on Microservice architecture, REST services etc.
2 : Design dashboard application to display trending tags based on twitter data stream
3 : Search element in 2d matrix (row wise – column wise sorted)

Third round (F2F – Manager Round)
I had done some work on API performance optimization in my previous organization. This round was completely focused on that.
1 : How hibernate caching works?
2 : Design Hibernate second level caching ? How to cache join query? In-memory Caching and distributed caching?

Fourth round (F2F – Co-Founder Round)
This was behavioural round.
1) Given a puzzle and write pseudo code for that.
2) Given a choice, which company you would join (Google/Facebook/Microsoft) and why?

Overall the technical rounds were good and if one practice DS/Algo questions and some concepts of System Designs, then he/she can easily crack the rounds.

After this long process, I got a call next day stated that “Hi, Congratulations you are selected and cleared all the rounds and we are happy to offer you SDE-2 position”.

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