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Coviam Interview Experience | Campus Placement Drive-2020

  • Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2020

Before Shortlisting:

2000 students from 4 campuses applied for SDE role. 700 students were shortlisted for the first round based on CGPA criteria(8.0). Luckily my CGPA is 8.01

Round 1:

Since this was conducted during COVID pandemic. It was remotely conducted(at home) online test which was video proctored. Total mcqs were 40 

Aptitude : 15 questions

Data Interpretation : 5 questions

Java(output questions and few conceptual): 20 questions

Round 2:

Total of 13 students were selected for this round. I am one among them.

This round was conducted on google meet. This is technical round.

The interviewer was frontend developer. She asked me 3 coding questions. 

1) Explain efficient approach for finding middle element of a singly linked list.

2) Write the pseudo code for implementing queue using stack.

3) Write the pseudo code for returning indices of distinct elements of array.

Round 3:

Total of 9 students were shortlisted for this round. I am among them.

3(2 from students shortlisted for 3 round and 1 from not shortlisted)  students from those 13 students were directly given internships.

This round was more about general concepts.

Vice president of the organization was my interviewer.

He asked me about multi tenants(I don’t know).

Later asked me do draw user authentication process in ms paint (I did it).

Also asked me about inspect element trick.

Asked me few more real life problems (Most of which I couldn’t answer)

Later at the end he told me about how graduates this days are good at problem solving but  lacking on knowledge of real life problems (same with me).

He is not satisfied with my performance.

Asked me to focus more on real life problems and not only on competitive programming.

I am sure that I am not gonna get this job.

My suggestion is how good enough you are in coding it is more important for you to know how all this things is working in backend.

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