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Mastering Data Analytics - Python, SQL, Excel, Tableau

Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

The surging demand for data in business and IT makes it the new oil. Elevate your skills with our Mastering Data Analytics course. Learn Python, SQL, Excel, and Tableau for data analysis, visualization, and reporting through hands-on projects

levelBeginner to Advance
Comprehensive LearningIndustry ReadinessCapstone Projects

Course Overview

Data analysis is the study of data to uncover patterns & insights. Its high demand is driven by the need for businesses and organizations to make informed decisions based on data. Python is popular for data analytics due to its extensive data packages & ease of use, allowing efficient and fast data analysis.

Keeping this in mind we bring to you a course that will help you grow from a beginner to an advanced level analyst equipping you with the tools and skills like Jupyter Notebook, Numpy, Pandas, Excel, SQL, Tableau, and more to become a smart and industry-ready Data Analyst expert.

Key Highlights:

  • 10+ hours of Beginner Content
  • 20+ hours of Advanced Content
  • Work on Multiple Real Life Projects and implementation
  • Industry Recognised Certificate
  • Articles to supplement the learning experience
  • Learn industrial tools including Pandas, Jupyter, Numpy, Excel, SQL, Tableau, and more
  • Hands-on practice with Real-World Datasets

Enroll now and gear yourself up with the skill set required to advance your career in Data Analytics.

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What you will learn


What you will learn

  • Learn the basics of the Python Programming Language
  • Understand how to work with files, JSON, Numpy, and the OS using Python
  • Learn how to use Jupyter for data analysis and visualization
  • Use Pandas to manipulate and analyze data
  • Learn basic statistics and data preprocessing techniques for data analysis
  • Build projects using data analysis techniques
  • Understand the basics of Excel and SQL for data management and analysis
  • Learn how to use Tableau for data visualization and reporting

Course Content

  • Python Basics: Python Introduction, Variables in Python, input() in Pyhton, Arithmetic Operators in Python and more
  • Loops in Python: Loops In Python, While Loops in Python, range() in Python, For Loop in Python and more
  • Functions in Python: Functions in Python
  • Strings in Python: Strings in Python, Escape Sequences and Raw Strings, String Operations, Pattern Searching in Python
  • Data Structure: List Introduction, Tuples in Python, Set in Python, Dictionary in Python, Comprehensions in Python
02Data Toolkit
  • Getting Started with Files: Reading Data from Test-File, Test Preprocessing, Writing Data On a test-file
  • Inventory Management System with Files: Overview, Product Details, Updating Inventory, Add Functionalities, Generating Sales
  • Inventory Management System with JSON: Overview, Generating Bill, Updating Inventory, Saving Record on JSON, Loading Record from JSON, Adding Functionalities and more
  • Mastering Numpy Arrays: Getting Started with Numpy, Reshape and Random Number Generator, Arithmetic Operations on Array, Array Sorting, Merging and Slicing, Automating using Numpy
  • Getting Started with OS: Introduction to OS, CLI and GUI, OS Commands on Mac- Directories and Files, OS commands on Windows
  • Jupyter Notebook Setup: Jupyter Notebook Setup, Jupyter Notebook Walkthrough
  • OS with Python: OS Library- Directories, List Directories, Bulk Directories Creation, Hirerical Bulk Directories Creation, Bulk Text-file reading and data combining
03Data Analysis with Python
  • Getting Started with Pandas: Getting Started with Pandas, Dataset Walkthrough
  • Statistics: Mean, median mode, Standard Deviation and Variance, Normal Distribution
  • Data Preprocessing: Data Preprocessing - Removing Null Value Rows, Data Analysis - Numeric, Categorical, Automatic Categorical, Null Values Handling on GooglePlaystore Dataset
  • Data Analysis: Data Analysis with Multiple Columns, Data Analysis using Conditions, GroupBy in Pandas
  • Project Building: Data Visualization on Hear Disease Dataset, Black Friday Sales Data Analysis, GDP Analysis Assignment & Solution
  • Exploring Data: Overview & Basics of Spreadsheet Navigation, Working on Rows and Columns, Looking for exact matches, Trimming function and its usage, Sorting the data, Nesting functions, Data types in Excel, and Type conversion in Excel.
  • Preparing Data: Text Functions in Excel: CONCATENATE, UPPER, LOWER, and PROPER, Text Extraction in Excel: LEFT, RIGHT, and SUBSTITUTE Functions, DATE Function: Effective Techniques for Date Handling, DATEDIF Function, Relative & Absolute Cell References,  In-depth VLOOKUP, Sumif Function in Excel
  • Analysing Data: COUNT, COUNTA, and COUNTBLANK Functions, Countif Function, Excel's Core Calculation Functions, Excel Logic Functions: IF, AND, and OR, UNIQUE and SORT Functions.
  • Project: Sales Data Analysis Using Covered Functions and Pivot Tables
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