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Complete Bootstrap Course For Beginners

Self-Paced Course
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Course Description

This Complete Bootstrap: Web Development Course For Beginners will teach you to build a modern-looking, fast and responsive website using the Bootstrap framework. Includes 15+ Quizzes, Video lectures, 120+ live examples, and much more.

levelBeginnerscourse duration2 Weeks
Comprehensive LearningCourse CertificateAssessment Tests

Course Overview

  • Our Complete Bootstrap Web Development Course is tailored for beginners.
  • Step-by-step guidance ensures mastery of Bootstrap concepts and components.
  • The course includes 26 lessons covering various aspects of Bootstrap.
  • Explore 120+ examples to reinforce learning.
  • Test your knowledge with 20+ practice questions.
  • Build mobile-friendly bootstrap websites from scratch.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Basic HTML & CSS knowledge.
    • Familiarity with a code editor like Notepad++, Brackets, etc., is recommended.
  • Gain a full understanding of creating responsive Bootstrap websites.
  • Sharpen your web development skills with practical exercises.
  • Become an industry-ready Bootstrap web developer.
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What you will learn


What you will learn

  • Learn how to build Responsive Websites with ease

  • How Bootstrap Components Work

  • Learn how to code basic to advanced website with Bootstrap

  • Get a solid understanding of the framework with 100+ examples

Course Content

01Bootstrap Introduction
  • Bootstrap Introduction and Overview
02Bootstrap Setup and First Example
  • Setup Bootstrap, First Bootstrap Example
  • Bootstrap Quiz 1
03Create a Web Page Layout with Bootstrap Grids
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Bootstrap Quiz 2
04Create Buttons on a Web Page
  • Bootstrap Buttons, Bootstrap Button Groups
  • Bootstrap Quiz 3
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