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Last Updated : 10 Apr, 2020
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CouchDB is an open-source NoSQL database. It mainly focuses on ease of use. It was developed by the Apache software foundation.

Apache CouchDB is one of the latest breed of databases. CouchDB is a multi-master application released in 2005 and became an Apache project in 2008. It is written in the Erlang programming language. It is basically a document-oriented database and within each document fields are stored as key-value maps. Fields can be either a simple key/value pair, list, or map.

CouchDB uses HTTP protocol for API. It uses javascript as its query language to transform the documents and JSON to store data.

Why CouchDB ?
CouchDB is used as it very powerful to query your data. It also has a schema-free document model which makes it more friendly with the common application and makes it easy to use.

  • The data we store is in a flexible document-based structure which eliminates the need to worry about the structure of your data, either before or during your application development.
  • It provides users with powerful data mapping, which gives access for filtering of information, combining and querying.
  • CouchDB has an HTTP-based REST API, which helps to communicate with the database easily.
  • Methods like GET, PUT, DELETE are very easy to understand, use and develop with.

CouchDB Data Model :

  • In CouchDB each database is a collection of independent documents which makes the outermost data structure/container of it.
  • Each document maintains its own data and self-contained schema.
  • To merge the differences occurred while the databases were disconnected, Document metadata contains revision information.
  • To avoid the need to lock the database field during writes, it implements multi version concurrency control.

Installing CouchDB :

  1. Download CouchDB software from official website.
  2. Install the downloaded software.
  3. Now visit the link

  4. To interact with CouchDB web interface go to the link

Now, you have successfully installed CouchDB.

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