Couchbase Installation

Couchbase Server is NoSQL database software package that is used for interactive applications. It is an opensource NoSQL database that provides us with a mechanism for storage and recovery of data which is modelled in means other than the tabular relations used in relational databases. It has multiple data access paths to query and manage our JSON documents. It provides Eventual Consistency and Immediate Consistency methods to ensure consistency in a distributed system.

Installation :
To install couchbase we first need to download the couchbase server setup file and after that, we will have to install that through a package manager, and then we will finally have to start the couchbase server in order to run it over localhost.

The installation procedure is as follows:

  1. Download couchbase Database from here.
  2. Move to the location where the file is downloaded and use the following command to install the downloaded file.
    sudo apt install ./couchbase-server-community_6.5.1-ubuntu18.04_amd64.deb

    Note:- Replace the version in the command with the downloaded version.

  3. After the successful installation, run the couchbase service using the following command.
    sudo service couchbase-server start


  4. Now visit http://localhost:8091/ and if it gives the following result, then your installation is successful.

To create your own cluster:

  1. Click on setup new cluster button in order to create your own cluster.
  2. Enter your cluster details there.
  3. Read properly the terms and conditions of couchbase and accept them if found suitable.
  4. Enter the configuration you want for your cluster.
  5. If everything goes well you will have a dashboard like the one shown below.

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