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Core Components of Data Center Infrastructure and Facilities

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Nov, 2022
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Data centers are physical computing resources that allow organizations to operate their websites or digital offerings 24/7. Data centers are generally made up of racks (servers are stacked with each other), cabinets, cables, and many more. Maintaining a data center requires a significant amount of networking knowledge. We can host our servers in these data centers either shared or dedicated. Hosted website speed in data centers is usually based on the hardware and specifications of an SSD-based server is faster and more expensive than an HDD-based server.

Data Center: In a dedicated space with strong security levels, where enterprises or organizations store and share large amounts of data, is known as a data center. 

Data Center Infrastructure Design:

Old Data Center Design: 

It is mainly based on north-south traffic. To reach the server how much hope a packet will require wasn’t predictable. It used to take a lot of time to reach a packet from server to server. We are not able to handle east-west traffic.

Old Design of Data Center


Data Center New Design:

It is also known as a spine-leaf design. It uses massive switches which are in the distribution layer. (e.g., Cisco Nexus class switches) The distribution layer switches are known as spine nodes. The access layer switches are known as leaf nodes. It’s now predictable how much hope a packet will take. Takes less time to reach a packet from server to server. Too many Fiber-optic cables. Handles north-south traffic as well as east-west traffic.

New Design of Data Center


Types of Data Centers :

There are four primary types of data centers. Which are :

  • Enterprise and Corporate Data Center
  • Cloud Data Center
  • Colocation Data Center
  • Managed Data Center

Components of Data Center :

  • Security: The main concern for data centers is security be it physical or virtual. Enterprises need to secure the data centers, so they make sure no unauthorized people can enter the area. build them where the effects of natural calamities are less, secure firewalls, packet filtering, and inspection are also done.
  •  Power: Servers inside data centers should be accessible to users around the clock, so data centers have a power backup 24/7. It also has multiple circuits to provide uninterrupted services.
  • Air conditioning: As the hardware of the data center operates all the time it produces a lot of heat. Reducing overheating by cooling through air conditioning is also done in these data centers.
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