Cool Technology Facts

The incredible advancement has been made by the technology over the past 20 years.The future of technology for some it is unsettling, while to others it may be exciting.

Here are some quirky facts about technology that may be surprising for you :

1. 30th November is known as “Computer Security Day“.
2. Although GPS is free to use for the world but it costs $2 million per day to operate. The
money comes from the American tax revenue.
3. Every minute, individual users upload 100 hours of video on YouTube.
4. Ninety percent of the text messages received are read within the three minutes of being delivered.
5. It has been 40 years since the world’s first call on mobile phone successfully took place.
6. At 3:15 pm on the day in which Michael Jackson died Twitter, Wikipedia, and AOL IM all crashed.
7. an American e-commerce and cloud computing company was earlier known as
8. World’s first 1 GB hard drive was announced by IBM in 1980. Its price was of $40, 000!
9. In general, people read as much as 10% slower from a screen than from the
10. 1, 000 Computers are used by a single Google query in 0.2 seconds to retrieve an answer.

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