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Convert Python Code to a Software to Install on Windows Using Inno Setup Compiler

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Users are only given the installer for any kind of software, companies didn’t give the source code file to the user. Although some open source software is available with its source code. We can also make an installer from our python source code so that you don’t have to share your source code.Write your python code using any graphical library, i am here using Tkinter and we will convert it into installer software in windows 10 using Inno setup compiler. To converting .py to .exe, you can visit Python to exe Conversion.

Steps To Make Installer From .py File

Converting .exe to setup installer: This step involves following series for steps to be followed. Step 1: Download inno setup software.Download Inno SoftwareStep 2: Choose to Create new script file using the Script Wizard. New Script Wizard Step 3: Fill Application Information. Fill the application Form 1 Fill application form Step 4: Add files and folders and click on Next. Add Files and folders Here we have to add the .exe file which we had made from the python code using pyinstaller. After browsing the exe file also add the folder in which this file is present. Add files and folders Step 5: Select options for Application shortcuts and Click on Next. Applicatiom Shortcuts Step 6: Application documentations: These depend on you, if you want to use this software as commercial software then you can fill them otherwise leave them as it is. Click Next. Application documentations Step 7: Select Setup language. Setup Language Step 8: Compile setup: Here you have to set the folder for output setup to be stored. If want to set a password then fill otherwise leave it. Compile setup Step 9: Click on Finish. Finish the Setup Your installer software for Windows is ready, now you can use it for distribution.

Last Updated : 21 Feb, 2023
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