Convert Image into Sketch

In Python an image is just a two dimensional array of integers. So one can do a couple of matrix manipulations using various python modules in order to get some very interesting effects. In order to convert normal image to sketch we will change it’s original RGB values and assign its RGB values similar to grey, in this way a sketch of the input image will be generated. 


  1. Import all required modules (numpy, imageio, scipy.ndimage, OpenCV)
  2. Take Image input
  3. Check RGB value of image and convert into according RGB values
  4. Show finale image output using cv2.imwrite()






# Python program to Convert Image into sketch
# import all the required modules
import numpy as np
import imageio
import scipy.ndimage
import cv2
# take image input and assign variable to it
img = "4.jpeg"
# function to convert image into sketch
def rgb2gray(rgb):
    # 2 dimensional array to convert image to sketch
    return[..., :3], [0.2989, 0.5870, .1140])
def dodge(front, back):
    # if image is greater than 255 (which is not possible) it will convert it to 255
    final_sketch = front*255/(255-back)
    final_sketch[final_sketch > 255] = 255
    final_sketch[back == 255] = 255
    # to convert any suitable existing column to categorical type we will use apect function
    # and uint8 is for 8-bit signed integer
    return final_sketch.astype('uint8')
ss = imageio.imread(img)
gray = rgb2gray(ss)
i = 255-gray
# to convert into a blur image
blur = scipy.ndimage.filters.gaussian_filter(i, sigma=13)
# calling the fuction
r = dodge(blur, gray)
cv2.imwrite('4.png', r)


Example 1:

Input image:


Example 2:

Input image:


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