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Convert dataframe column to vector in R

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  • Last Updated : 21 Apr, 2021

In this article, we will discuss how to convert a DataFrame column to vector in R Programming Language. To extract a single vector from a data frame in R Programming language, as.vector() function can be used.

Syntax: as.vector( data_frame$column_name ) 


  • data_frame is the name of the data frame
  • column_name is the column to be extracted

Given below are some implementations for this.

Example 1: 


# creating dataframe <- data.frame(std_id = c (1:5), 
                       std_name = c("Ram","Shayam","Mohan",
                       marks = c(95,96,95,85,80)
# extracting vector from
# dataframe column std_name
name.vec <- as.vector($std_name)


[1] “Ram”     “Shayam”  “Mohan”   “Kailash” “Aditya” 

We can now examine whether the returned column is a vector or not, by passing it to the function is.vector() which returns a Boolean value i.e. either true or false.

Example 2: 

We will extract the Species column from the well-known data frame Iris using as.vector( ) function and print it. We will also check whether the returned column is a vector or not.


df <- iris
# print the data frame
# extracting vector from
# dataframe column Species
name.vec <- as.vector(df$Species)
# returns Boolean value


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