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Convert an Unordered Factor to an Ordered Factor in R Programming – as.ordered() Function

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  • Last Updated : 04 Jun, 2020

as.ordered() function in R Language takes an unordered factor as argument and converts it into an ordered factor.

Syntax: as.ordered(factor)

factor: Unordered Factor to be converted

Example 1:

# Creating a vector 
x<-c("North", "North", "East", "West"
# Converting vector into factor
Directions <- factor(x)
# Using as.ordered() Function
# to order an unordered factor


[1] North North East  West 
Levels: East < North < West

Example 2:

# creating vector size 
size = c("small", "large", "large", "small",  
         "medium", "large", "medium", "medium")   
sizes <- ordered(c("small", "large", "large"
                   "small", "medium")) 
# Using as.ordered() Function
# to order an unordered factor


[1] small  large  large  small  medium
Levels: large < medium < small

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