Content and Images Control

Content-control method can strengthen a company´s online security profile and reduce productivity loss. It can also be used to conserve bandwidth by blocking access to websites that are controversial or suspicious.

These are some methods to control content and images are given below:

  • Deep Freeze:
    Deep Freeze freezes the hard drive partition. At the point when a user restarts the system, the system returns to its frozen configuration. The system does not save any changes that the user makes, so any applications installed or files saved are lost when the system restarts. If the administrator needs to change the system’s configuration, he/she must first defrost the protected partition by disabling Deep Freeze. After making the changes, she must re-enable the program. The administrator can configure Deep Freeze to restart after a user shuts down after a period of inactivity, or shuts down at a planned time. It gives a definitive workstation protection by preserving desired computer configuration and settings.

  • Content Screening and Blocking:
    Content-control software limits the content that a user can access using a web browser. Content-control software can block sites that contain certain sorts of material such as controversial religious or political content. Libraries and schools implement the software to prevent access to content considered objectionable. Parents may implement the use of content-control software on the computer used by a child.

  • Disk Cloning:
    Disk cloning copies the contents of the PC’s hard disk to an image file. For example, an administrator creates the required partitions on a system, formats the partition, and then installs the operating system. The administrator then uses disk-cloning software to create the image file. The administrator can use the cloned image to deploy new PCs inside the organization and provide a full system backup. It is also known as ghost imaging.

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