Constructor Overloading in C++

Prerequisites: Constructors in C++
In C++, We can have more than one constructor in a class with same name, as long as each has a different list of arguments.This concept is known as Constructor Overloading and is quite similar to function overloading.

  • Overloaded constructors essentially have the same name (name of the class) and different number of arguments.
  • A constructor is called depending upon the number and type of arguments passed.
  • While creating the object, arguments must be passed to let compiler know, which constructor needs to be called.




// C++ program to illustrate 
// Constructor overloading
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
class construct
    float area; 
    // Constructor with no parameters
        area = 0;
    // Constructor with two parameters
    construct(int a, int b)
        area = a * b;
    void disp()
        cout<< area<< endl;
int main()
    // Constructor Overloading 
    // with two different constructors
    // of class name
    construct o;
    construct o2( 10, 20);
    return 1;




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