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Computer scientist vs Programmer vs Developer vs Hackers

Last Updated : 20 Apr, 2023
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Normally we hear he is a programmer, he is a developer and he is a hacker and he is Computer scientist, and we often get confused with their work as we don’t know the exact difference between them. Although, the level of knowledge and information they have is quite similar, but they have specific expertise. Apart from that, whether they work in the same domain, however, they play different roles. Talking about the broad perspective all 4 of them work on software, in different forms which are not interchangeable. So lets now move forward and try to distinguish these most common professions: Computer scientist vs Programmer vs Developer vs Hackers.

Computer Scientists

A person who has deep knowledge of mathematics, machine-level language (binary, assembly, etc.), data structures and algorithms, and much more. The value of a computer scientist is undoubtedly at every industry level. Computer scientists can be found in big companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. Normally computer scientists focus on research like developing a new language or solving a big problem. 

People who generally prefer computer science are good at mathematics or they eventually improve it thus taking them to a top level. They are more focused on problem-solving and keep on trying or inventing new programming languages. 

What Does a Computer Scientist Do?

Computer scientists improve or create computer systems algorithms and software with the use of data science, computer programming principles, and robotics. They work with computer hardware engineers on various projects by applying foundational concepts and theories in order to make the company or business run properly. 


A person who has knowledge of multiple programming languages, data structures, and algorithms and has a vast knowledge of related areas. A programmer can solve problems by manipulating computer code. 

The value of programmers in the industry is high as they perform a very peculiar role in any company. Focused on writing codes, programmers try to build proper software which is understandable by everyone. Programmers deal and work with many different languages at the same time whereas a computer scientist is very specialized. 

So, now if someone asks you a basic difference between a computer scientist and a programmer you can tell this one.  

What Does a Programmer do?

The main work of a programmer is to test, write or modify codes, and with the help of these codes computer applications and software work properly. Along with this they also work in accordance with software developers and engineers and turn the designs created by them into instructions that can be easily followed by computers. 


A developer is a trained programmer. They don’t just solve problems or create things but do so in accordance with a set of design and implementation principles. These include things like performance, maintainability, scale, robustness, and (ideally) security—for example, a web developer, android developer, software developer, etc. 

Thus making it the most in-demand profession in the whole industry. Being a developer is not easy as they have to possess specific knowledge about particular languages. Therefore, if you are thinking of pursuing it as a career then do particular research and move forward. 

They also specialize in:

  • IOS Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Android Developer

What Does a Developer Do?

However, a developer works on many things but the major work which he/she has to do is to improve the user experience. They work as IT professionals and create computer software along with fixing bugs, providing numerous updates, debugging applications, etc. 


A hacker has knowledge of computer networking, programming, cryptography, and databases. For hacking, there is no fixed syllabus that anyone can just read and become a hacker. Normally in an industry, hackers work in an emergency scenario to save the data of the company from hackers. A hacker finds a bug in the system a tells to developer or programmer in a company. 

On the other hand, a hacker can also be associated with a person who steals or gains unauthorized access of a system and eventually commits a crime. However, they are mostly hired in a company to solve technical issues hence, let’s not take it beyond that.

There are two types of Hackers:

  • Ethical hacker (White hat hacker)
  • Unethical hacker (Black hat hacker) – Illegal

What Does a Hacker Do?

Hackers use their technical skills to exploit the cybersecurity defense by finding vulnerabilities in cybersecurity thus eventually taking up hacking as a profession. Hacking can be both ethical or non-ethical but the end goal is to gain unauthorized access to networks, computers, computing systems, and devices (mobiles, tablets, iPads, etc.) Apart from that, hackers also work to determine the security holes in any enterprise. 

Now after reading this article, you might have got an idea of what is the exact difference between a Computer Scientist, Programmer, Developer, and Hacker and their jobs. Also, if you are looking up at any of these professions as a career option then now you can choose wisely.

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