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Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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Hello everyone! CSC came to our campus for full time hiring of final year students.
Here is my interview Experience. It consists of three rounds. Each round was an elimination one.

First Round (Written)
There were 99 (MCQs) and 1 essay writing question, Total time was 90 minutes.
Test was on paper. There were three sections
(i) Aptitude (30 questions) (difficulty level: easy)
(ii) Technical (69 questions) : It consists all subjects like Operating systems(mostly file systems questions), DBMS, cloud computing +Big data ,Networking, Questions related to some latest technologies(for eg: Google glass and some more) and C,C++,Java(Output type questions). (difficulty level: Moderate)
(iii) Essay Writing: 4 topics were given; we need to choose any one of them.
As of now i remember only one topic. It was “Youth of India is confidence or confuse”.

After this round 14 were shortlisted for the next round.

Second Round (Technical Interview)
First question was as obvious “Tell me about yourself”. People usually take it lightly but it is the first impression that we make in interviews. Then he asked about my NIMCET rank and some more detail about NIMCET.
He asked detail description of both of my projects and one Data structure (Area of interest) full code for “Insertion in linked list in sorted order”. Then he asked me that “What you understand by the word ‘Innovation’, did you ever had an idea or did you implement any innovative project”. We had a long discussion on this question. He was very impressed with my interview and just after 2 minutes called me for next round.

Third Round (HR)
It was just a formality, interviewer asked me again about my understanding about “Innovation” and preference for the job location. They told me in the interview itself that we selected you for this job and gave some suggestion to improve myself. 😀

Prepare “Tell me about yourself” in well format and don’t tell things which you already mentioned in your resume. Present your projects in impressive way.

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Last Updated : 15 Feb, 2015
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