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Computer science, an overrated dream

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Computer Science, an overrated dream. Every kid who wants to pursue Bachelors of Technology, opts for Computer Science branch, even if the college is not up to the mark.

Today, everything is related to computer in some or the other way. Machines, which used to be operated manually, are being controlled by computers. Every service, government or private, which used to be provided in offices with living beings working in them, is now available on computer. Even the doctors are being taught operating on virtual dead bodies in their MBBS courses. But if everyone starts working “ON” the computer, then who is going to work on the “INSIDE” of the computer?

Computer is also a machine which does not only needs softwares being developed by the computer science students but also needs hardware which cannot be made without the help of those of the core branches which basically include electrical, electronics, mechanical and civil. Everyone can learn a programming language, work on a computer and become a computer expert but working with wires and other devices is not a piece of cake. Looking at the immense growth of computer science branch, every other kid is being attracted towards it but one needs to understand that in order to stay in the computer related market, updating oneself every second is a must because new advancements in this sector don’t take years to implement. And one fine day, these advancements will come to a halt when there will be nothing new to be developed for a span of time and at that moment the graph will take a dip and everyone who thought taking up computer science would be beneficial, would be left to dry out. The core branches would again come back to where they were, interdependent on each other yet not completely dependent on a single machine called computer.

Last Updated : 04 Oct, 2019
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