Components of Image Processing System

Image Processing System is the combination of the different elements involved in the digital image processing. Digital image processing is the processing of an image by means of a digital computer. Digital image processing uses different computer algorithms to perform image processing on the digital images.
It consists of following components:-

  • Image Sensors:
    Image sensors senses the intensity, amplitude, co-ordinates and other features of the images and passes the result to the image processing hardware. It includes the problem domain.

  • Image Processing Hardware:
    Image processing hardware is the dedicated hardware that is used to process the instructions obtained from the image sensors. It passes the result to general purpose computer.

  • Computer:
    Computer used in the image processing system is the general purpose computer that is used by us in our daily life.

  • Image Processing Software:
    Image processing software is the software that includes all the mechanisms and algorithms that are used in image processing system.

  • Mass Storage:
    Mass storage stores the pixels of the images during the processing.

  • Hard Copy Device:
    Once the image is processed then it is stored in the hard copy device. It can be a pen drive or any external ROM device.

  • Image Display:
    It includes the monitor or display screen that displays the processed images.

  • Network:
    Network is the connection of all the above elements of the image processing system.
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