Component Based Software Engineering

Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) is a process that focuses on the design and development of computer-based systems with the use of reusable software components.

CBSE Framework Activities
Framework activities of Component Based Software Engineering are as follows:-

  1. Component Qualification:
    This activity ensures that the system architecture define the requirements of the components for becoming a reusable component.Reusable components are generally identified through the traits in their interfaces. It means “the services that are given, and the means by which customers or consumers access these services ” are defined as a part of the component interface.

  2. Component Adaptation:
    This activity ensures that the architecture defines the design conditions for all component and identifying their modes of connection. In some of the cases, existing reusable components may not be allowed to get used due to the architecture’s design rules and conditions. These components should adapt and meet the requirements of the architecture or refused and replaced by other, more suitable components.

  3. Component Composition:
    This activity ensures that the Architectural style of the system integrates the software components and form a working system. By identifying connection and coordination mechanisms of the system, the architecture describes the composition of the end product.

  4. Component Update:
    This activity ensures the updation of reusable components. Sometimes, updates are complicated due to inclusion of third party (the organization that developed the reusable component may be outside the immediate control of the software engineering organization accessing the component currently.).

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