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Complete RoadMap For First Year College Students – B.Tech/BCA/B.Sc

Last Updated : 10 May, 2023
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Firstly, Congratulations on starting your journey in higher education! College life is always special in every student’s learning phase, it teaches them how to build a career, have real fun, explore opportunities, etc. Well, most of the students are probably not clear about the end goal where they want to finally land after completing their B.Tech studies. 


The bottom line is the race to complete a successful B. Tech is not an easy task. As per recent stats, above 10 Lakh students enroll themselves in B.Tech alone (including all branches), so to carve yourself and find out the right path, it becomes necessary to understand what paths you’ve to take to maintain consistency. After all, it’s all about Discipline and Dedication. Be it a guy from CS, IT, ECE, or any stream, if programming interests you, here’s a complete roadmap for you to start your journey

So, let’s get started; 

The roadmap of the first year to answer some of your self-made doubts or thoughts. 

Your college life starts with the 1st Semester and this is the best phase to explore, observe, and experience fascinating pieces of stuff. Since you’ve just joined the college, you meet new people, take part in activities, and feel like you’re on top. So, let’s go through the steps to be followed during your 1st and 2nd semesters one by one –

1st Year (Ist Semester)

Your college starts and you have stepped into the world of programming, but you’re confused about which language to choose and how to start learning to program. If you’re a newbie, the answer to all your questions lies here:

Setup your Laptop 

If you’ve not bought a laptop yet, buy a decent laptop (with 512 GB SSD and at least 8 GB RAM). DOS/Ubuntu laptops are generally cheaper than Windows Laptops but you can install a dual boot of DOS/Ubuntu OS in your Windows Laptop. Try to stop using Windows now.

You need to start using a UNIX-based OS. If you have a Macbook then you already have a UNIX-based OS. If you have a Windows or DOS laptop, install Ubuntu.

Install Necessary Softwares

Create Accounts on Below Mentioned Platforms 

  • GeeksforGeeks
  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub
  • Leetcode
  • CodeChef
  • Codeforces
  • HackerRank

Also, below given are a few points you need to focus on before you begin your journey. 

  • Those who are already familiar with computer concepts and had a computer as a subject in 12th should start right away with C++ or Java & those who were not into computers can start with the C programming language first.
  • Apart from learning a programming language, you should also focus on “How to maintain CGPA”, and “What are the placement trends of your college”, and try to approach seniors for clarity.
  • Start your journey without worrying much and allocate 1-2 hours/day for learning programming. 
  • By the time when you enter your second semester, try to figure out how you can manage your routine and schedule yourself for studying, learning new things, hanging out with friends, and learning the programming language. 

To help you get started during your initial journey, we have compiled a list of beginner’s courses that are completely free that you must try, and the list entails:

Free Tutorials on Programming:

Free Courses For Programming Languages:

Programming Languages Course – Basics to Advanced 

1st Year (IInd Semester)

Now, when you have ended your first semester, you must have got a good idea of how to schedule your daily routine. Solve coding questions as many as possible to get hands-on experience.

When you’re about to enter your second year, you should have well knowledge of the basics of OOPS and DSA concepts. Read:

Here’s the Complete Roadmap To Learn DSA From Scratch for those who’re all new to DSA. 

Also, there are some people who’re afraid of the term “DSA”, here’s How to Start Learning DSA? where you’ll get step by step procedure to begin your journey of DSA. By the end of your 2nd Sem, it is recommended to set up your account and start participating actively on GeeksforGeeks

Must-Read for Beginners:

  1. Why Should I Learn Coding?
  2. Best Tips for Beginners To Learn Coding Effectively

Things to Avoid During Your College Life

  • Mismanagement of time. (Although you’re new here but try to be on track and not to get distracted)
  • Not applying for internships, could be a major setback to your career as you would never get industry-level exposure. 
  • Avoid procrastination (the task which is given to you should be completed then and there, don’t postpone it)
  • Don’t try to master all programming languages in one go. 

To get more tips, read 10 Tips For First Year Computer Science Engineering Students

Since you’ve finished your 1st year in college, learning basics, and going through college chores, now you can discuss and figure out where you want to go “Career Perspective” Below are a few recommendations, and based on your interest and field you can choose accordingly.

Always choose a career that attracts you, makes you learn new things, and is trendy such as: 

Why is it important to look into Career Opportunities at the beginning?

The earlier you’ll start, the easier it’s going to be during the entire journey. All of these opportunities have their own key values. The only thing that makes it a primary factor is “Selection of Right Interest”, then only you’ll be able to focus on that path and can work towards this effect. They all are going to get inclined towards your selection.

No matter what career you’re going in, software or product or security, the only thing that you’ll have to make sure of is to maintain the CGPA, especially during the initial time. Companies that will be visiting your campus give a thorough brief on it and if the required one is not achieved, you’re likely to get disqualified from some of the major companies. Explore new fields, try to gain insight into each, and then find out which topic interests you more ultimately, when you see your goal, try to achieve it by working hard.

Note: If you are someone who wants to grow his/her career in “Development” choose careers like-

  1. Web Development
  2. App Development

Do You Want an Internship/Freelancing During Your First Year? 

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After completion of your 1st year we have sorted your complete roadmap for 2nd year also. So, don’t hesitate to visit our Complete Roadmap For Second Year College Students .

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