Compiler construction tools

The compiler writer can use some specialized tools that help in implementing various phases of a compiler. These tools assist in the creation of an entire compiler or its parts. Some commonly used compiler construction tools include:

  1. Parser Generator –
    It produces syntax analyzers (parsers) from the input that is based on a grammatical description of programming language or on a context-free grammar. It is useful as the syntax analysis phase is highly complex and consumes more manual and compilation time.
    Example: PIC, EQM

  2. Scanner Generator –
    It generates lexical analyzers from the input that consists of regular expression description based on tokens of a language. It generates a finite automaton to recognize the regular expression.
    Example: Lex

  3. Syntax directed translation engines –
    It generates intermediate code with three address format from the input that consists of a parse tree. These engines have routines to traverse the parse tree and then produces the intermediate code. In this, each node of the parse tree is associated with one or more translations.

  4. Automatic code generators –
    It generates the machine language for a target machine. Each operation of the intermediate language is translated using a collection of rules and then is taken as an input by the code generator. A template matching process is used. An intermediate language statement is replaced by its equivalent machine language statement using templates.

  5. Data-flow analysis engines –
    It is used in code optimization.Data flow analysis is a key part of the code optimization that gathers the information, that is the values that flow from one part of a program to another. Refer – data flow analysis in Compiler

  6. Compiler construction toolkits –
    It provides an integrated set of routines that aids in building compiler components or in the construction of various phases of compiler.

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