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CommVault Systems Interview Experience | Set 1

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2020

My CommVault Experience –

First Round(Coding):

First round was a coding round. There was 1 demo question, and 6 real
questions. Coding had to be done in their own environment. Partial marking(for partial passing of test cases) was there.

Questions were:

1. Given 2 integers m, and n (decimal system), write a program to perform right shift on m , n times.

2. Given a stack (implemented using linked list), and some pre-defined functions : push(int), pop(), and isEmpty(), write a recursive
function to reverse the contents of the stack. (No loops allowed).

3. Given a string s, and a mask string m, delete all characters in s that were common to s and m.

4. Given a 2-D array of x’s and o’s, write a function that first rotates the matrix by 90 degrees clockwise, and then pushes all x’s to the bottom and o’s to the top in every column.

For eg, if given matrix was: x o o
                             o x x
                             x o x

After 90 degrees rotation: x o x
                           o x o
                           x x o

After pushing x's to bottom: o o o
                            x x o
                            x x x 

5. Given preorder and postorder of a binary tree, write a function to find the inorder of the same tree.

6. Polynomials are represented as linked lists in the following manner:

Each node has 2 members, the coefficient(coeff) and the exponent(exp). Nodes given in decreasing order of exponent. For example, linked list:
(5, 4)->(2,3)->(3,1)->(4,0)
represents the linked list:
5x^4 + 2x^3 + 3x + 4

So, given two polynomials as 2 linked lists, return the sum of these 2 polynomials as a linked list.

25 students were shortlisted in this round.

Second Round:

This was a 7 hour coding round. We had to complete their code for a virtual file system. There were certain milestones which had to be completed. At the end, only 4 students were shortlisted.

Third Round(Tech & HR Interview) :
Tech Interview:

First, I was asked to walk through my CV. They asked some basic questions about my projects, and I answered. Next, I was asked 3-4
hard puzzles. After that, coding questions, mainly from OOPS, DS and Algorithms.

HR Interview:

The HR interview was mainly about my CV. I was asked about my projects and roles held, and what all work I had done. It was pretty basic.

Finally, 2 of us were selected.

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