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CommVault Systems Interview Experience | Set 2

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2016

CommVault System recently visited our campus.. Here is our interview Experience 🙂

First Round(Coding):( time 90mins)
First round was a coding round. There was 1 demo question, and 5 real questions. Coding had to be done in their own environment. Partial marking(for partial passing of test cases) was there. Questions were:

1) Allocate memory to a 2d array dynamically and return the pointer to that array..
2) Reverse all bytes of an integer
Example 1234 where 1,2,3,4 are bytes should be reversed as 4321
(Reversing the bytes )
3) Reverse all the words present in the sentence
4) Find the kth smallest element in a BST
5)Given a linked list reverse every k nodes of a linked list..

150 wrote this round and around 30 were shortlisted for the second round

Round 2: (long coding) (7.5 hrs)
Unix file system implementation
With operations such as create a virtual memory for a file (allocate virtual mem in blocks)
Deleting a file.
Recovering the old instances of a file based on time stamp value.
Etc..there were many such functions…

After every hour looking at the progress few people were rejected straight away..

I was one among 5 who coded for 7.5 hrs..
Finally they shortlisted 2 candidates from the 5 of us..
Luckily i was eliminated 😛 🙂 😉

This unix file system question in round 2 is a traditional question asked in CommVault for Years now..
People aspiring for commvault do practice this question.

Round 3:
The 2 shortlisted students had a technical interview covering basics and finally they gave an intern for one guy

This guy was later called to their office in banglore and had further rounds £(
Finally waz given a hard earned job offer.. 😛

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