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CommVault Systems Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2019

Round 1:

First-round was coding round. There were 1 demo question and 5 real coding questions. They provided only c++ and java as programming languages for coding and you were not allowed to use inbuilt libraries like <algorithm>. These are 4 out of 5 questions (I forgot the one) :

Q.1 Left view of binary tree

Q.2 Copy the content of a 2d array into a new 2d array but allocate the size of the new array dynamically by using the ‘new’ operator in c++.

Q.3  You are given a number n. Find the total no. of binary numbers that can be represented in n digits and having two consecutive 1’s.

Example: –  n=3     binary no. in 3 digits can be  000, 001, 010, 100, 101, 110, 111 but only 110 and 111 has two consecutive 1’s so answer will be 2.

Q.4  Remove the duplicate nodes from a singly LinkedList.

10-11 students were shortlisted in this round.

Round 2:

Second-round was 3-4 hours system design round. We had to design and implement a program for backup and restore. Your program should take a list of filenames and list of their content for backup at a timestamp and then these files including old files should be back up. When the user wants to restore a particular file from a particular timestamp, your program should return the content of the desired file at the desired timestamp.

4 students were shortlisted in this round.

Round 3:

It was a technical round. They asked me about my projects and the following questions:-

1.  how will you represent a rectangle in programming and write a program to find whether a rectangle is inside of another rectangle or not.

2. you are given a set of intervals like (1, 10), (5, 6), (10, 20), (17, 19), (15, 18) . write a program to find the interval which consists the most no. of intervals inside it.Like in this example, (10, 20) consists (17, 19) and (15, 18) inside it.So the answer will be (10, 20).

3. Program to find the middle element of the list.

I used python3 in the second round and they tell me that commvault use c++ most of the time. So they asked me why you use python3 for coding and what the difference between c++ and python3, why python3 is slower than c++.

Round 4:

It was the HR round. Unfortunately, I didn’t experience it. They selected 1 out of 4 as Full Time and two for intern of 3 months.

Tips:  1. Use c++ as your coding language.

2. Practice the problems on geeksforgeeks specifically data structure section.

3. Specifically for this company, maintain your cgpa above 7 and work on your English.

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