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CommVault Systems Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 10 Mar, 2021

CommVault System recently visited our campus (IIT BHU) in January-2021. Here is our interview Experience:

Round 1: This was an online round of 65 minutes. It had 15 MCQs (25 minutes) purely on C++/Java OOP implementation and 3 programming questions(40 minutes).  

  1. It was similar to maximum-sum-path-matrix-top-bottom. (
  2. Find the length of the longest palindrome substring. ( )
  3. Don’t remember based on union-find.

Round 2: It was a continuous coding round for around 6 hours.

The problem statement was similar to this : (File system design)

Create a file system that has the following functions:

  1. Add a file(whose full path is given) along with the directories inside which it is present.
  2. Append a file.
  3. Create a linked file.
  4. Append linked file.
  5. Delete link.
  6. Move files from one directory to another.

There were around 40 candidates (from various colleges) in this round. We were put into different rooms via zoom and had to code while sharing our screens.

  • We were given access to their system and had to write code there.
  • Mentors were there to help with our doubts regarding the question.
  • In the starting one hour, we had to design the classes and discuss the design with mentors.They were eliminating people each hour.
  • I implemented the functions but was not able to optimize some functions.  
  • In the end, the Interviewer told that he will get back to me if their senior leadership team like my design.

I was not selected for the Final technical round.

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