CommVault Systems Interview Experience | Coding Round On-Campus Placements

Round 1:Coding Round

The platform was, and it really has a very bad interface and an even worse text editor.

There were 5 questions, with choice between either C++ or Java. Time given was 50 min.

Question 1: Print the values in the boundary nodes of a tree in an anti-clockwise direction.

Question 2: Merge two sorted Linked lists.

Question 3: Print the minimum number of swaps required to rearrange a string of  Cs and Ds, such that no two C or D are consecutive. For example, if input string is CCCDDD, output will be 3. (CCCDDD -> CCDCDD -> CDCCDD -> CDCDCD)

Question 4: Given a number of nodes, such that they form connected clusters. Two different clusters will not have any inter-connection. Find the number of pairs of nodes (a, b) that can exist such that a and b belong to two different clusters. Eg, 1->2 and 3->4 be two clusters, output will be 4. ((1, 3), (1, 4), (2, 3), (2, 4))

Question 5: Don’t Remember.

Round 2:

Result not yet declared for Round 1.

Round 3:

Result not yet declared for Round 2.

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