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CommVault Interview Experience for SDET

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First technical(45 min): It was a debugging round. They provided us with a website of blogging we have to find bugs in it. For EX. The log out button is not working, another person can delete and edit the content of another person blog, etc.

Second Technical(1 hr): The asked about My projects, and the following question:

  1. Computer network questions like:
    • What is a public, private IP address.  
    • DNS server.
    • ARP, RARP.
    • MAC address.
  2. Operating system questions like:
    • Deadlock.
    • Process and threads.
  3. SQL commands: Given a table “Customer” having attributes id(primary key), name, country

    • Write an SQL query to count the number of are countries having more than 5 names?
      Select count(id) from customer group by the 
      country having count(id) > 5;
    • Update the same query to print names in descending order.
      Just add order by name desc.
  4. Programming:
    • Swap elements without using an extra variable.
    • And one easy dictionary related problem.
  5. How you will debug the data recovery device.

Third Technical (1.30 hr): They asked every topic related to automation, DSA to Virtual machine, and cloud computing.

Tell me something about yourself.


  • Network topologies like a star, bus, hybrid, etc. their benefits and disadvantages.
  • HTTP vs HTTPS and their working.  
  • How encoding works in layers.
  • Subnetting, subnet mask.
  • TCP and IP address
  • What are Plugins(extensions)?
  • Ports.

Operating System:

  • Difference between Services, process, and threads.
  • Scheduling.  
  • Disk Scheduling.
  • Which file system windows support.
  • File management.  
  • ACID properties.
  • Normalization (BCNF).

SQL Query and database:

  • Find the second maximum income in the given table.
  • Ways by which we can connect to the cloud database.
  • How to save unstructured data in which a database is used.
  • Difference between MySQL and SQL.


  • Print a random line in a given file.
  • One hashing problem.

Virtualization and cloud computing:

  • What are virtual machines?
  • What is a hypervisor.
  • What is clouding computing?
  • How to maintain security in cloud computing.
  • Where virtualization is used.
  • Cloud computing or VM machine.


  • How does zip file work?
  • How u will test Google Drive.
  • What is the meaning of end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp and how does it work.
  • How can we clear our Browser cache manually?

Links for questions :

I tried to provide most of the questions I remember but still, There were some more questions I do not remember them.

I got selected.

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Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2020
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