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CommVault Interview Experience for SDE

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I applied off campus(2020), they gave us a choice between DEV and TEST. Also if anyone wanted to appear for both of the screening tests even that was allowed. But once you get past the screening test, you need to choose between the two for further interviews. I gave both

Round 1: A screening test

  • SDET involved only javascript coding questions and MCQs.
  • SDE involved 6 coding questions (DP, BST, Backtracking) to be solved within 2hours.The concepts for all the questions can be found on Leetcode/GFG.
  • After I cleared both the rounds, got the call from the hiring agency to choose between the two and they also gave me details about the further round. I chose development

Round 2: 7hour long intensive coding(hackathon)

Q : Design and develop Virtual memory with the following specifications

  • The VM should contain virtual RAM, SWAP RAM.
  • Each process’s pages are stored in the RAM.
  • If the pages do not fit into RAM, insert it to SWAP RAM(Assume SWAP RAM has more memory than RAM and it will never RUN out).
  • The processes here are in the form of strings(not the actual OS process).
  • Show the address translation from the virtual address(logical address) to the physical address.
  • If the RAM is full and a new process comes in, implement an eviction strategy to swap pages from RAM to SWAP memory.
  • I was able to solve the question with the required functionality. Also, note that to clear the 7hour coding round of interviews your grasp on operating system concepts should be good if not expert.

Mentors were there to solve all our doubts, they were very helpful. They were evaluating us every 45minutes and based on the progress we were making they were asking us to leave. They gave us initial 45minutes to design the system, data structures, algorithms, block diagrams that we were going to use to develop the system.

Round 3: Technical Interview

This round went for another 1-1.5 hours for me.

  • System design: Implement a file system structure containing directories and files with optimal file explorer operations(implemented using n-ary tree and hashing concepts)
  • C++ basic questions: eg run time polymorphism, vptr, vtable, diamond problem, virtual class
  • Basic OS questions
  • One Bit Manipulation question
  • Leetcode and GeeksforGeeks Coding questions from Trees, linked Lists, Dynamic Programming, etc
  • Puzzle type question to be simulated using code (eg Burning house problem using Matrix and Breadth-first search technique)

Round 4: Technical interview cum Tech manager round

  • This round focused more on my Resume, Projects, hackathon, and everything I did in my college.
  • There were few basic puzzle and OS questions.


  • It is expected from you to ask as many questions as you, could be related to problems at hand or regarding the company while interview.
  • Also, Think out Loud.
  • In the end 2 of us were selected for the Developer role at Commvault.
  • For me there was no HR round, but I am not sure if HR interview actually happens for other candidates.
  • Also you are allowed to google, I forgot few functions for min-max heap so had to google the same!
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Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021
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