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Coivam On Campus Interview Experience
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2019

Round 1: Online MCQs

20 Java – Easy 40%, Moderate 40%, Difficult 20%

15 Aptitude – Easy 60%, Moderate 30%, Difficult, 10%

5 DI – Easy 80%, Moderate – 20%

Round 2:

Online Skype –

Projects and Internship Discussion from Resume

2 Coding questions:

  1. Reverse doubly linked list in K blocks
  2. Min heap based implementation question

Round 3:

Online Skype –

Projects and Internship Discussion from Resume

2 coding questions:

  1. Find peak element from an array
  2. Median from N sorted arrays. (Median of medians)

Verdict: Selected 🙂

Total 9 people got selected out of 60-70 were registered.


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