Cohesity (Site Reliability Engineer) On-Campus Interview Experience

Cohesity is a software company that works on enterprise storage backup. Cohesity visited our college for the first time for the role of Site Reliability Engineer.  I have to go through 1 online test and 4 rounds of face to face interviews.

Round 1 (Technical):

  • How the data is stored in HDD?
  • Meaning of GNU in GNU/Linux?
  • What happens when you enter “” on your browser?
  • Explain OSI Layers in Networking.
  • What happens to the data when you delete on your computer?
  • When you connect external HDD to your laptop, how does the data transfer to HDD?
  • Does your smartphone have a CPU ? How many cores does it have?

Round 2 (Technical):

  • Explain DHCP protocol and why is it used in networking?
  • Explain ARP and RARP.
  • What are firmware and use of it?
  • Explain your projects and questions about the project.
  • Difference between a switch and a router.
  • Have you ever crashed your laptop/computer? How did you fix it?

Round 3 (Techno Managerial):

  • Problem statement: A file contains the names of other file names in this(a.txt, b.txt, c.txt, d.txt…….z.txt) format. Write a python or bash script to reverse the names in the file. Format of the reversed file is (txt.a, txt.b, txt.c, ………..txt.z).
  • What is the difference between CPU and GPU?
  • How will you set up your computer lab? What are the hardware and software required to do so?
  • How will you troubleshoot if something goes in your computer lab?

Round 4 (HR Round):

  • What do you know about Cohesity?
  • Where are you from? Why Cohesity?
  • What are your hobbies?

After completing all the rounds I was a bit nervous. When they announced the results, I was placed along with 2 of my college mates.

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