Cohesity internship interview

Round 1:
The first round was an online round held on Hackerearth. It had 2 questions of easy-medium level.
Easliy solvable with decent coding skills.

Round 2:
This was a Zoom online interview round lasting for about 45 mins. The interviewer went through my resume and asked me to describe my projects.
Tip : Know about each word in your resume and each word you speak in detail.

He then gave me 2 algorithmic problems:

1st problem : Find the longest palindromic substring in the given string. I gave him the standard DP approach of O(n^2) time and space complexity. He asked me to improve my space complexity. I told him the idea, but was asked to write the code the O(n2) solution itself.
Simple approach
Optimized approach
2nd problem : Given x and y, find the numbers between x and y which do not have repetitive digits in them.

Round 3:
This also was a Zoom online interview round lasting for about 30 mins with a different person. I introduced myself and was asked the following question –
Consider all 3 letter words in a dictionary. Given a source and destination word, and that the cost of changing a letter in a word at a time is 1, find the minimum cost to reach destination from source by changing only one letter at a time.
He then asked me questions about my projects, past internship, DBMS and OS.

Got the offer 🙂

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