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Cognizant Placement Experience 2018

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Hello, We have had the Cognizant Technology Solutions at our campus (Amrita School of Engineering) this month for the campus- recruitment process. The presentation by the company was pretty simple yet very informative. They were very energetic and interactive.

The pre-placement talk was followed by the online exam, which was in the AMCAT model. There were:
16 aptitude questions- 16 mins
25 critical reasoning- 35 mins
7 automata questions (5 syntax/ logical error correction + 2 coding)- 20 mins

Since it was in the AMCAT model, the difficulty level kept increasing as the number of correct answers increasing. I was able to manage all the sections pretty well. Just need to keep track of time and only answer what you know well. In the automata section, most of us solved 3 questions in total and mostly it was the syntax correction questions. All the 7 questions are simple but the time limit is too tight.

After the first round, 649 students were selected for the interview process. The interview was held on the next day, with 100 technical panels and 25 HR panels.

For the interview, you just have to be very calm, know your resume really really well and have a very pleasant attitude. I was asked al about my projects and there were many questions that I couldn’t answer and yet, I was called in for the HR. Cognizant focuses on the way you present yourself and on your willingness to learn. It’s okay if you don’t know an answer but never let that pull you down. They keep the entire interview process easy- going and you will be very comfortable with the interviewer.

The HR questions were all very basic. You need to read well about the company and give them a very impressive answer. Keep it simple. Keep it real and everything

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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