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Cognizant On-Campus Recruitment Drive

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Cognizant attended our campus for recruiting students for the role of Program Analyst Trainee.

Round 1:(Written Test)

The first round was conducted in AMCAT which had 4 sections

1)Quantitative – This module had 25 questions and the duration was 25 minutes.

2)Logical – This module had 25 questions and the duration was 35 minutes.

3)Verbal – This module had 22 questions and the duration was 20 minutes.

4)Automata fix – This module had 7 questions and the duration was 20 minutes.

The 7 questions are based on either debugging the given code which had logical, syntax errors or writing a function which gives the correct output from the program.The questions can be solved using C, C++ or Java.

Out of 159 students who wrote the test, 19 were shortlisted for the interview.

Round 2:(Technical Interview)

Tell me about yourself? This was just a question which he asked me to make me feel free and relaxed.

Then he started asking technical questions based on my resume.

  1. Since I mentioned in my resume that I know Python he told me to write a simple program in Python and asked me to explain the code.
  2. What is Inheritance?
  3. What are the types of Inheritance?
  4. Can you explain the difference between Multiple Inheritance and Multilevel Inheritance?
  5. Can you write a simple program which uses Multiple Inheritance in C++?
  6. Can you tell a Programming Language which uses Procedure Oriented Programming.
  7. Difference between POP and OOP?
  8. Which type of inheritance is not supported in Java?

Out of 19 students, 11 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3:(HR Interview)

Basic questions related to me were asked

1)About my 10th and 12th class education.

2)About my project.

3)Whether I would like to learn any other programming language other than C++ and Python?

4)My long term career objective.

5)Whether I would prefer online courses for learning?If Yes, Why?

6)About my family.

7)What do I know about Cognizant?

Finally all the students who attended the HR round were selected and I was one of them.


Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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