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Cognizant Interview Experience

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CTS conducted the drive in three rounds.

Round 1: Written Test
Round 2: Technical Round
Round 3: HR Round

Written Test:
This was flexible as we were able to give the test from home with webcam enabled through Aspiring Minds platform on 28th September 2019. The total duration was two hours and it had four sections i.e. verbal, logical reasoning, aptitude and automata fix. There was no negative marking. The questions were not very tough. Automata fix part had 7 questions out of which 5 were error correction questions and 2 were pure coding questions. Overall it was good.
After several days I got a mail and I was selected for the further rounds. The interview was scheduled on 21st October 2019.

It was an one to one interaction and the interviewer was quite strict. After looking at my CV he asked me to list down the subjects which I am strong at. I listed Data Structures, DBMS, Operating Systems and Java. He asked one question from each subject. The interview went on as follows:

Interviewer: What is the difference between a stack and a linked list?
Me: (answered correctly)
Interviewer: (Tried to confuse me) Are you sure?
Me: Yes
Interviewer: Write a query to find out the second largest salary from employee table.
Me: (answered correctly)
Interviewer: What is an OS?
Me: (answered it but he was not satisfied)
Interviewer: What is the difference between a processor and an OS?
Me: (answered)
Interviewer: Write a program to sort a list of numbers and find out the second largest number.
Me: (answered correctly)
Interviewer: Have you done any project?
Me: Yes
Interviewer: What was your role?
Me: (Explained about a team project done in 4th semester)
Interviewer: Okay wait outside.
I thanked him and left the hall.

After sometime I was shortlisted for the next round.

The interviewer was not very strict and looked friendly. The interview went on as follows:

Interviewer: How was your day?
Me: (answered and asked the same)
Interviewer: It was good. So where are you from?
Me: (answered about my hometown and college location as well)
Interviewer: So you traveled only for this interview?
Me: (I told yes)
Interviewer: Okay so tell me something about yourself.
Me: (I started answering but he stopped me after two lines)
Interviewer: So what do your parents do?
Me: (answered)
Interviewer: Describe yourself in three bullet points.
Me: (I told my strengths)
Interviewer: (smiled) And what about your weakness?
Me: (answered)
Interviewer: Okay so that’s not a big deal. Your weakness is manageable. Are you flexible with locations?
Me: (answered)
Interviewer: Do you have any questions for me?
Me: Yes, how is your experience in CTS?
Interviewer: (smiled) I can say I got to learn a lot. It’s good.

He handed me a paper to read and sign on it. I signed it, thanked him and left.

After almost a week or two the results were declared and I got selected 🙂

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Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2019
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